Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Pink Tea

                                                                        Hello everyone,

                                                 It was cooler here today but still a beautiful sunny
                                                 day and I planted a few hundred bulbs in the garden
                                                 today~ imagining the beauty they will create come spring.
                                                 After,working in the garden it is nice to enjoy a tea
                                                 time break.

                                                                  I found this sweet pitcher at the
                                                                  thrift store this week and filled
                                                                  it with a mix of Royal Bonica
                                                                  roses from the garden and some
                                                                  grocery store roses.

                                                                A box of new teas to enjoy.

                                                                    A pretty pink teacup `' Tuscan'
                                                                    made in England.

                                                               An African Violet in
                                                               a lace wrapped pot.

 Just a short little tea break today as there
is lots going on here today.

We have started the fall cleanup in the garden and I
always have mixed feelings on seeing all the plants
getting chopped off as we get ready for winter.
However, it is good to get it done before the cold
sets in.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage and

Thank you for visiting,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Garden Shenanigans

                                                                            Hello everyone,

                                                     I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Since our
                                                    weather has been so beautiful here we thought
                                                    it would be a good time to have the little ones
                                                    come for our fall/halloween party. I am not a
                                                    big fan of halloween but I do enjoy seeing the
                                                    little ones dress up and run through the
                                                    garden and our woods looking for treats.
                                                            Waiting for the announcement that
                                                            the hunt is on!
                                                             Our little skeleton cat girl.

                                                                          The autumn garden.
                                                         They had lots of fun together judging by the giggles
                                                          and it was warm enough to be out in little fairy
                                                          dresses etc.

                                                   They grow up so fast.....already our 3 older
                                                   grandchildren have outgrown this party and
                                                   our Jessie was unavailable. Jessie, however
                                                   was able to come a few days earlier for a
                                                   fun photo shoot for a Japanese Quilt magazine,
                                                   due out in April.When I get my copy I will
                                                   share the photos then.

        To show how fast they grow this
       was our first fall/halloween party
          with the little ones seven years ago.

                                         Today, the weather has changed so I am happy we
                                                   grabbed the opportunity when it was lovely and
                                                   we could all enjoy it without coats etc.

                                                                           Thank you for visiting,